This project is designed to improve the efficiency of cooperatives and cocoa farmers business groups leadership specifically in the following countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, so they can obtain the skill needed to empower their members, so they can improve their living standards. Cooperative and Farmers Business Groups are private entities and are identified as the best models to- enhancing human rights and protect agricultural productivity through- in large volumes, ensure better trade for their members. Engagement in the distribution of low-cost farm inputs and tools which benefit and grow its members.

However, because of lack of training and capacity for the management and the leadership team of Cooperative and Farmers Business Groups, has negatively impacted members (cocoa farmers) as they are not benefiting.


  • Cooperatives are established by its members driven by
  • the need to do business together and benefit from
  • economies of scale
  • The members strive to optimize their economic, social
  • and cultural needs.
  • In so doing, cooperatives strength the communities in
  • which they operate.


Challenges such as limited knowledge GAPs, weak trading capacity, zero access to direct market contributes to impede the development of farmers and their organization.

Other issues are failure of awareness over their economic and social impact that empower and strengthen members including:

  • Lack of adequate entrepreneurial vision
  • Lack of understanding of cooperatives principles and values by many of the members
  • Lack of policies and programs focused on gender equality and youth empowerment and to ensure a better future for business and members
  • Lagging in innovation and creativity which is critical in order to lead to the transformation of the members