The goal for the existence of coops and farmers business groups (FBGs) is to bring individual smallholder farmers together as members, so collectively they can be strong and can improve their wellbeing.

However, because of lack of capacity and poor management team of coops and FBGs, as a result farmers are not benefiting. Other motives are limited knowledge, weak trading capacity and nonexistence of direct access to market have contributed to impede the development of the farmer and their organization and limited its respond to members’ needs.

This project is designed to improve the position of Coops and Farmer Business Groups (FBGs), through the training and education of members and executives in the cocoa production and marketing chain and achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the structures of Coops and Farmer Business Groups
  • Increase the production capacity and quality
  • Increase commercial capacity

This project is designed to improve the efficiency of Coops and FBG’s management team in Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast, so they can have the needed skills to empower their members, and hence improve livelihoods.

Dispite the difficulties, and lack of resources, coops and FBGs can only provide limited training, pesticides and other needed support to members. Coops and FBGs are also fighting exploitation from middlemen who offers them low prices for their crop. By this project we build coops/FBG’s management team through:

Training to reinforce organizational capacity and democratic principles:

  • cooperative law (OHADA Law),
  • role of board members,
  • role of supervisory committee members,
  • management and democratic principles
  • to increase production capacity
  • improving yield and quality
  • training on marketing strategies.