Vision & Mission

Our Vision
A sector where cocoa farmers are independent entrepreneurs and participate and play their role in policy and sustainability platforms, at national and international level, in the cocoa sector.  

Our Mission is to realize a cocoa sector where:
Cocoa Farming is Recognized as a Profession and comprehend 100% production and consumption of sustainable cocoa bean by 2030, that benefit people, environment and business.

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  • To have a transparent structure in cocoa producing country that describe stakeholders’ role and responsibilities.
  • To professionalize cocoa farming particularly (small-scale cocoa farming).
  • To advocate and lobby at all level in the cocoa value chain for farmers involvement in policy, sustainability and environmental discussions.
  • To develop and implement bottom-up cocoa sustainability projects.
  • To conduct research and promote studies on sustainability, human rights and livelihoods at cocoa producing level.
  • To monitor the implementation of farm and market activities, evaluate and publish data result.
  • To advocate for the development of a fair, transparent and balanced cocoa price fixing platform.
  • To organize conference, workshops and meetings to deliberate policy on human rights, sustainability and environmental challenges at all level.