A Bottom Up Approach, to a Sustainable Cocoa Sector

For decades stakeholders in the cocoa sector have been talking about how to successfully implement sustainable mechanisms to overcome the challenges in the sector. We believe it is time for stakeholders to stop talking and to join the Farmgate Cocoa Alliance to implement needed steps towards securing a long-term sustainable cocoa value chain from bottom to top

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) has developed a Bottom Up Approach Roadmap, that will pave the way towards a balance, comprehensive and impartial cocoa sector from bottom to top. Likewise, Roadmap is design to inspire reform, bring transparency and secure a lasting sustainable cocoa sector, which benefit farmers (smallholders), companies and the environment

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Our Three Key Sustainability Pillars


We demand, encourage the setup of inclusive and transparent structures in producing countries, to define stakeholders roles and responsibilities. It will also enable stakeholders to work towards a common goal to secure a sustainable cocoa sector


We advocate, facilitate the professionalization of cocoa farming. We group, train and build farmers capacity, so they have the skills to independently manage their farming business, sustain the industry and have a better livelihood


We enable stakeholders cooperation in the areas of policy, trade, and sustainability. We trust that active participation of all stakeholders is key to securing a balanced sector, whereby all stakeholders can obtain their deserved benefit

Cocoa Sustainability

The cocoa sector faces multiple challenges that hindered sustainability efforts including, poverty among farmers, human rights, climate change, deforestation. Through our bottom-up tailored projects, we will be able to achieve 100% sustainable and traceable cocoa by 2030.

Join Our Work

Our membership and partnership is open for all stakeholders in the cocoa sector, who believe is time to stop talking and start working together to implement steps that work on the ground. Joining FCA you are among devoted stakeholders who combined forces to achieve a common goal.