FCA is an Alliance that bring together farmers, NGO’s, CSO’s, and unions, from cocoa exporting and importing countries, to join forces and advocate sector reform. Our advocacy is focus on: farmer empowerment, income, child-forced labour, climate change and deforestation. We also promote cocoa sustainability, based on the values of inclusion, transparency and entrepreneurship

FCA strongly believe, farmers involvement in sector activities is vital, as it will help solve sector challenges, and pave the way to secure effective and lasting sustainable cocoa sector. We therefore encourage farmers participation at all cocoa sustainability process, so together we can achieve a cocoa sector that is fair, balance and profitable for people, business and planet

We encourage, facilitate cocoa entrepreneurship, by grouping, building farmers (smallholders) capacity, so they are able to manage their farms as a business. By this way, they will overcome poverty, ensure healthier and sustainable living standard

We advocate for the establishment of inclusive cocoa platform in producing countries, and to define stakeholders role and responsibility. It will strengthen farmers, bring transparency, accountability, improve lives, and enhance communities

We promote cocoa sustainability, by bringing stakeholders together to address farmer and farm challenges such as, income, limited GAP knowledge, child labour, deforestation and secure long-term cocoa sustainability