For decades stakeholders have develop, and or support numerous initiatives in the cocoa sector, in order to overcome the many challenges facing farmers, farm workers, and to secure lasting cocoa sustainability but to no avail. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance is a unique bottom up platform for stakeholders to unite their efforts and effectively implement the needed steps that will ensure long-term cocoa sustainability

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is a bottom up non-profit alliance established to secure an inclusive, transparent and a sustainable cocoa sector, that benefit farmers and other stakeholders. We promote and facilitate professionalisation of cocoa farming business, by grouping, training, and build the capacity of cocoa farmers particularly the smallholder cocoa farmers into sovereign cocoa entrepreneurs

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Our Three Key Sustainability Pillars


Establishment of an inclusive transparent national structure in producing countries, that define stakeholders role and responsibilities. It will also make it possible for stakeholders to work with a common agenda to secure cocoa sustainability


We advocate, facilitate the professionalization of cocoa farming. We group, train and build farmers capacity, so they have the skills to independently manage their farming business, sustain the industry and have a decent living standard


We enable stakeholders cooperation in areas of policy, trade, and sustainability. We trust, active participation of farmers and farm workers is key to secure an equitable cocoa sector, whereby all stakeholders can obtain their deserved benefit

Our Cocoa Sector 2030 Vision

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“A cocoa sector, with defined stakeholder’s role and responsibilities is key to ensure effective implementation of sustainable initiatives”

Our 2030 Vision (Bottom Up RoadMap), will pave the way for a more balance, comprehensive, and impartial cocoa sector from bottom to top, and at the same-time it will also ensure long-term cocoa sustainability

Cocoa Sustainability

The cocoa sector faces multiple challenges that hindered sustainability efforts including, poverty among farmers, human rights, climate change, deforestation. With, the implementation of our bottom-up tailored cocoa sustainability initiatives, including raising awareness on climate change, deforestation issues to the farmers, we will be able to achieve a 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa sector by 2030