Indulge in the Richness of Sustainable Cocoa

Our Work

We and our partners recognize that actions are as important as how we do business. Together we have a responsibility to our environment, business and the communities in which we operate and understand that to achieve success in the long term, cocoa economic growth, we must be sustainable.

We work directly with cocoa farmers to facilitate the realization of the Dutch, 2030, cocoa sector promise (Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa) document. We implement the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Our Approach

Traceability is the only important way to a larger solution for crop and environmental protection. Cocoa businesses must ensure traceability to secure a sustainable supply chain. How can you meet the growing consumer demand for traceability in the food they consume from your supply chains?

Sourcing from our partner ensure complete traceability from farm to bar including:

Complete product and transaction history, access to real-time tracing data of product condition, movement, location, and transactions, linkage and easier communication between businesses partners, track products from origin farmers to end consumer, real-time data that address consumer desire for transparency in what they consume regarding: farmers income, child labour, deforestation, enable transparent interactions between the producing and the buying partners, have data readily available for compliance and committed sustainability requirements, effective and reliable trace provenance more quickly in the event of a crisis situation.

Our Partners

Inspire a healthier cocoa farming entrepreneurship, through training, capacity building and facilitate market access.

Put people, business and planet at the center of our doings, while accelerating production of 100% sustainable and traceable cocoa beans in Cameroon by 2030.


Membership is open for cocoa farmers including individual smallholders, cooperatives and organized groups. Membership is also open to: Companies, Civil Society and CIG working in Cameroon cocoa sector.

Why should you become a member?

By becoming a member, you will benefit from our wide range of services that will make it possible for you to become sustainable cocoa entrepreneur.

You will earn better income, have the skills to manage and overcome issues such as: climate change, deforestation, little or zero GAP training and have access to market.

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