Lack of awareness on GAPs and human rights issues among cocoa farmers particularly (smallholders), has resulted to massive exploitation in cocoa farming such as: farmers rights, child and forced labour, gender inequality and the unfair income farmers get for their crop


Consumers are increasingly demanding for sustainable produced chocolate and other cocoa end products. However, 95% of global cocoa bean is produced unsustainably due to lack of better knowledge to mitigate climate change and grow cocoa with zero deforestation


95% cocoa farmers live below poverty line, farmers only receive tiny portion of global cocoa price. Lack of direct market for cocoa farmers particularly the smallholders, makes it more difficult for them to have a fair price for their cocoa bean, realize profit and have a decent live

We believes cocoa farming must be recognized as a business by all stakeholders, so farmers can have the opportunity to improve their lives. We facilitate cocoa farming entrepreneur farmers can independently manage successful cocoa farming business by themselves.

Collectively we will attain a cocoa value chain where all stakeholders participate, and with each play there deserve and valid role without interference. A cocoa value chain that is fully integrated and that respect and promotes human rights, protect the environment and where all stakeholders have their fair share.