Professionalizing cocoa farming
Currently cocoa  farming is not seen as a business. Cocoa farmers should be able to sustain themselves, and their family based on their profession as cocoa entrepreneur.

Farmers Inclusion
At the moment cocoa farmers are not fully participating in sector initiatives. Farmers must participate and contribute in the decision making process as independent stakeholder.

Responsible Farming
Majority of farmers do not have the capacity or skill to grow their crop in a sustainable way. They should have access to improve their farming skills and knowledge to sustainably manage their farm.

Gender equality
Women empowerment is key in growing local economy, therefore, women in cocoa growing community must have the right to own cocoa farm and take part in the development of their community.

Child and forced labour
Cocoa farm must be free from child and forced labour practices, children must be given their deserve right to education, care and be protected. Farmers must be sensitize not to use children as workers in farm.

Certification and Standards
Certification and standards has not meet its responsibility int eh cocoa sector. Certification and standards should be a tool to improve farmer livelihoods, promote their right, and safeguard the environment.

Responsible sourcing
Trade must be an important tool to overcome poverty. We encourage responsible sourcing of cocoa bean. Trade must not promote unfair practices, and pave the way for fair distribution of profit and share risk among partners.

Consumer awareness
End consumers should play an important role to secure fair and balance business.. End consumer merit to be fully inform on the products they consume and should have a direct access with those who produce what they consume.