Establishing a sustainable and trustful business takes time, FCA is here to support you enhance your business, brand and reputation. Recognising the origin of your supply chain, demonstrates your authenticity to your end clients. We help you build trust and loyalty with your clients be it a farmer and or consumer, through transparent sourcing process in the areas of production, price and traceability, to back your sustainability sourcing claims. Learn how below:


We raise awareness and bring to light the hiding topics affecting farmers, their community and livelihoods and cocoa sustainability. And also on how can farmers participate to address sector challenges:

  • Farmers exclusion in sector initiatives
  • Low living income
  • Climate change and deforestation
  • Human rights in cocoa community
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Child and forced labour and gender inequality in cocoa farming


We provide high skill specialized training to smallholders, groups and coops such as:

  •  Project management skills for Coop and Groups
  • Marketing promotion skills and how to have buying partner
  • Designing and developing Internal control board
  • Training on democratic value to manage coops/groups
  • Training on Internal management of organised farmers groups
  • Develop Internal Quality Management Systems


We promote cocoa sustainability through grouping and capacity building of unorganised smallholder farmers resulting to, yield increase, better income and improve living standard:

  • Management of trees and other farm plant
  • Farm planning and use of good irrigation systems
  • organise workshop on direct market linkage
  • Better weeding and cleaning methods
  • Sustainable management of soil fertility
  • post-harvest, pest and disease management etc.