Major stakeholders in the sector come together in diverse events to discuss and agree collectively on how to tackle and address cocoa sustainability issues, that are vital to secure a long term sustainable sector.

Some of the issues are, lack of farmers inclusion (smallholder), child labour, gender inequality, living wage, climate change, deforestation and sustainability.

Events discussions pave the way  to develop agreements and declarations, such as seen below.

FCA believe stakeholders are bound by these agreements as they have formally made commitments, and thus, they have as a responsibility to implement these commitments at all level in their supply chain.


International Cocoa Agreement was updated, signed by cocoa producing and consuming governments with a clear objective to strengthen global cocoa economic.


Full Implementation of all WCC Declaration including the following points of WCC 4 in Berlin: WCC4 WCC4. Nr.2. WCC4 Berlin, Dec. Nr.9 and WCC4. Nr.10


GCFC, is farmers driven conference, the first edition took place in Accra, Ghana, in 2018. Accra conference ended with the adoption of a 10 points declaration.

At Farmgate Cocoa Alliance we believe that together we can make imminent change in the cocoa sector to secure a fair, balance and sustainable cocoa supply chain, for now and in the future. Realising this will require reform, that starts at the root of the cocoa supply chain, through the implementation of an inclusive, national structure to define stakeholders role and responsibilities, that will lead to farmers inclusion, and the recognition of cocoa farming as a business.