We believe that sector reform is possible through the implementation of the International Cocoa Agreement (ICA) and sector declarations (examples can be seen below), most importantly those regarding farmers and cocoa growing community. Therefore, FCA has developed a Bottom up Cocoa Sector 2030 Roadmap. The Roadmap comprises two elements, namely define stakeholders role and practicalizing cocoa farming entrepreneurship.The implementation of the Roadmap will pave the way to make the sector more inclusive, transparent, accountable and sustainable.

International Cocoa Agreement

International Cocoa Agreement was updated, signed by cocoa producing and consuming governments with a clear objective to strengthen global cocoa economic.


Full Implementation of all WCC Declaration including the following points of WCC 4 in Berlin: WCC4 WCC4. Nr.2. WCC4 Berlin, Dec. Nr.9 and WCC4. Nr.10


GCFC, is farmers driven conference, the first edition took place in Accra, Ghana, in 2018. Accra conference ended with the adoption of a 10 points declaration.

The National Cocoa Working Group (NCWG) is part of the Roadmap. The diagram shows the activities that are managed at the NCWG.