We provide you with in depth real-time data-driven Solutions, using findings from our Bottom-Up research, in order to give you the edge you need to run a reliable and successful business

An organization that wishes to innovate and improve their products and business need reliable real-time data. Obtaining good data depends on the capacity to conduct proper research, this requires exclusive access on the ground, skill, time, financial and human resources that you might not have. This is why we are here to ease your research stress. We help you with unlimited source of real-time data that will help you run a successful business as a farmer or an industry based on your advantage.

Farm to Market

Our team of Community Field Agents (CFAs) have what it takes to carry direct farm, farmer and community research. We believe that, access to better data makes it possible for cocoa beans to be traceable and sustainable. So you will be able to reach the demand of your end consumers. It makes it also possible to find new farmers near specific locations, learn about them and their way of farming.

Data for solutions

Continuous research is needed in the cocoa sector to generate reliable data, especially as the activities of cocoa farmers change regularly. The future of the sector will be fueled and determined by global sustainable goals. At FCA, we will convert the data and provide you with valuable information that will expand your knowledge on your know how to tackle issues that concern you and will give you a head start on your competitors.

FCAs is active on the ground every day, which means that our data is regularly updated. Let us know how we can help you with your business needs.