Globally millions of unorganised smallholder cocoa farmers in cocoa producing countries, particularly in west and central Africa, are face daily with multiple challenges in their profession as cocoa entrepreneur. Some examples of these challenges are: low income, climate change, deforestation, lack of bargaining power and lack of access to financial assistance. The major reason of these challenges is because they are not organized. We believe, that by grouping, training and building the capacity of these unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers. (Smallholder) farmers will then be able to address their challenges, and have the opportunity to improve their living standards.

This is why we are focused to group, train and build the capacity of one million unorganised (smallholder) cocoa farmers to become independent cocoa entrepreneur.

Therefore, We have develop a bottom project with the objective to group one million unorganised (smallholder) farmers by 2030. We strongly believe if this project is properly implemented, it will help reduce 90% of farmers challenges, and bring positive impact in their lives.