Our unique Bottom Up Approach allows us to bring change in the cocoa sector, and create the opportunities to transmit even more greater impact to farmers and industry. Grouping, training and building the capacity of millions of unorganised smallholders, linking them directly to industry partners, we are not only improving lives, but also making huge input in the fight against climate change and deforestation in cocoa farming. Learn below how we do it:

This appraoch will be done by: grouping the unorganised smallholder cocoa farmers, and help build their capacity, and stimulate sustainable farming among them, so they can manage a successful farming business and guide them have direct market access, financial assistance.


The approach is to: Introduce the creation of national cocoa structure compose of relevant stakeholders to develop and jointly organise national cocoa initiatives to facilitate long-term changes that strengthen the value chain, from bottom to top. It will also ensure fair trade practices and further bring transparency and accountability and stabilize the sector


Cocoa farming (small-scale) is at high risk due to the impact of climate change and deforestation, resulting in lower yields. It has negatively contributed to destroy livelihoods of farmers and cocoa communities. We sensitize and train smallholder on how they can  mitigate risk in their businesses


This approach is focus on women, in relation to overcome poverty among women in cocoa communities, and also strengthen women position. We encouraging and stimulating women in growing communities to embrace cocoa farming as a sustainable business. Next to sensitization, we organise workshop and training, so women have the skill and capacity to be successful entrepreneurs.