A robust, fair, traceable and a sustainable cocoa sector will depend on the capacity and viability of (smallholders) cocoa farmers. Worldwide, millions of unorganized smallholder farmers, continue to struggle just to survive, as they are not able to feed themselves, their family and take care for their farms. Many of them are trapped in chronic poverty, and are not able to make ends meet. Also taking into consideration the high costs of inputs, other expenses and challenges they are forced to comply, to grow their crop.

As a response, we decided to make a significant contributions that can change the pressing situation by introducing new approaches projects. We chose to develop and implement bottom up cocoa sustainability projects that resolve sector issues including  human right, economic and environmental.

Professionalising of cocoa farming will create opportunities for smallholder cocoa farmers to  guarantee fair and sustainable income

  • This encourages youths to become next generation cocoa entrepreneurs
  • It will help to significantly reduce youths migrating to urban areas and traveling abroad in search of work.
  • This will reduce urban migration rate and create hundreds of thousands of jobs to the unemployed educated youths.
  • It will also improve livelihood in cocoa farming communities as it will lead to improve the economic development in cocoa communities, stabilising a sustainable cocoa production to meet future demands

Cocoa farmers are entrepreneur and therefore, should be able to pay taxes to the government. Due to the lack of recognition of cocoa farming as a business farmers are not participating to develop the economics of their country.

  • Through our activities smallholder farmers will be able to register their farms as business and thus can pay taxes to the government as any other entrepreneur.
  • Smallholders will be able to produce and sell their cocoa beans directly to their partner, and payment being made through bank to bank transfer.
  • Smallholders will be able to benefit from financial services such as, to get loan to invest in their farms and become responsible business entrepreneur.
  • Smallholders will be able to contribute in the development of community and country, and will make it possible for the government to benefit from revenue generated from millions of farmers

Direct Market
Direct linkage between farmers and buyers is key you overcome poverty, we work with our partner to promote and encourage direct sourcing of cocoa beans. This will secure fair price, and boost traceability

Pension and Insurance
We push for policy reform, this will ensure that farmers and farm workers to have access to pension  scheme after retirement. We work with governments, industry and banks to secure this.

Sustainable Living Income
Smallholder cocoa farmers must be able to live happily form what they produce. We help link farmers directly to buyers which will increase their income

Creating Employment 
Support and train unemployed youths in cocoa community to become Service Providers, to support and deliver farm services to the aging farmers.

They will also be used to monitor farm activities and help bridge the gap between unorganised remote smallholder farmers with buyers.

We use this opportunity to explore and cement small-scale cocoa farming into a major cocoa entrepreneurship and bridge the gap and connect these farmers directly to buyers bringing enormous impact in lives and communities.


Through the implementation of  our bottom up approaches the sector can ensure “clean and safe” ways that will eliminate unhealthy and unsafe risks along the cocoa supply chains, improving the resilience and living conditions of farmers, workers, industry, environment and communities resulting to positive impact.