The cocoa supply chain must live up to the expectation with the value of inclusion, transparency and equality. Farmers voice and presence must be part of all sector decision making on: policy, sustainability and environmental initiatives. Farmers must be visible, especially smallholders, because they are the pillar of the cocoa economy as together they are responsible for about 90% of the global cocoa beans production.

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance advocacy and lobbying is to make sure that farmers perspective are taking into consideration. We do this through sensitization, and raising awareness, and also by organizing workshops and conference in importing and exporting countries. We believe farmers must play active role at national and  international platform, to represent and defend their interest.

We support activities that strengthen farmers position at national level, through working with our local members to organize workshops and meeting in cocoa communities and to provide farmers with the skills and tools to become independent entrepreneurs.

With a strong representation, farmers will influence cocoa policy at national and international level, this will go a long way to make the cocoa sector, effective, efficient and sustainable.

We make this possible with the support of our members and partners and others value chain actors who are also interested to attain a cocoa sector that is inclusive, transparent and accountable, and to benefit farmers, business and the planet.