The cocoa supply chain must live up to expectation as a lucrative sector and become an example to other sectors. Farmers voice and presence must be part of sector initiatives and decisions making process including: policy, sustainability and environmental. Farmers involvement will not only strengthen the sector, but also help shape the sector particularly at producing level. It will also make the sector inclusive and more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

Through our activities we strengthen smallholder farmers to become independent cocoa entrepreneurs. We do this by grouping, sensitising and building their capacity on GAPs, and provide them business oriented skills. We organize workshops and conference, so farmers have the opportunity to come together and share their views. We also advocate across the sector to raise awareness and to make sure smallholder farmers are part of sector activities, and their perspective are taking into consideration, as they are the pillar of the cocoa economy representing 98% of global production.

We’re committed to improving livelihoods of smallholder cocoa farmers and their communities. Support them improve their farming practices, to increase yields and to attain high income. Through working directly with smallholders, they can as well take care of their family and educate their children. Working with smallholder farmers will be key to achieving the ambitions of Farmgate Cocoa Alliance, which at the same time, will play a vital part in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically No Poverty (SDG 1), and Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8).

  • We build strong, closer connections between our members, partners and farmers (smallholders) who can directly supply them with high quality and sustainable cocoa bean, providing farmers, and consumers, with the substance of continuous growth.
  • At the national level, we work with a wide range of partners to improve the structure in which smallholders operate. That includes collaborating on improved regulatory, production, market and financial procedures.
  • Through our activities, we work with smallholders to improve their consistency of their cocoa crops based on sustainable values. Provide them the platform to boost their incomes, while giving our partners the resilience they need to attain a transparent supply chain.