• Encourage farmers that they participate and play a role in policy making platforms
  • Sensitize farmers on the importance to have the skills and capacity to better manage their farms
  • Empower farmers to have the capacity and power to negotiate price for their crop
  • Educate and sensitize farmers on how to manage their relationship with other stakeholders
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  • Raise awareness among farmers and government on the need for an inclusive National Cocoa Working Group
  • Encourage and raise awareness for farmers involvement in Climate Change and Deforestation Initiatives
  • Encourage stakeholders engagement to address: fair policy on trade, sustainability and cocoa pricing
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  • High Skill Training for Smallholders to Independently Manage Farm
  • Better Business Skills as Cocoa Entrepreneur
  • Registration of Farm, Access to Back Account
  •  Direct Access to Buyer to Sell Crop
  • Fair Living Income, Access to Pension, Insurance
  • Access to Job For Youths in Cocoa Community as Service Provider
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