Our advocacy and lobby focuses to raise awareness on the situation of cocoa farmers, farm workers and their communities. At international level we bring farmers voice on the table, so people can know the facts on the ground. At national level in producing countries, we work with our local members to sensitive, educate, and build farmers advocacy and lobbying capacity, so they can play a role to shape national cocoa policy. We organize workshops, training and conferences at all levels to raise awareness. Through, our advocacy and lobby and together with you farmers will be empowered, and we will achieve transparency and accountability in the sector.


  • Encourage farmers that they participate and play a role in policy making platforms
  • Sensitize farmers on the importance to have the skills and capacity to better manage their farms
  • Empower farmers to have the capacity and power to negotiate price for their crop
  • Educate and sensitize farmers on how to manage their relationship with other stakeholders


  • Raise awareness among farmers and government on the need for an inclusive National Cocoa Working Group
  • Encourage and raise awareness for farmers involvement in Climate Change and Deforestation Initiatives
  • Encourage stakeholders engagement to address: fair policy on trade, sustainability and cocoa pricing


  • Raise awareness among farmers on the negativity child labour and encourage child education
  • Raise awareness on poverty among farmers as a result of low price they get for their crop
  • Raise awareness on the lack of job opportunities for young people in cocoa communities
  • Encourage women to own cocoa farms so they can improve their social & economic situation