One of our major goal is to make it possible for cocoa farmers (smallholders) to acquire skills and knowledge needed to independently manage their cocoa farming business, can defend their right, and contribute to the development of their community. It is only through, this way the farmers can overcome the many challenges confronting them and help drive the sector towards a brighter sustainable future. 

Cocoa bean traders, chocolate companies and end cocoa products retailers must encourage and support the implementation of realistic sustainable approaches to bridge the gap between them and the farmers. To attain this, FCA recruit and train young men and women in cocoa growing communities as Community Field Agents (CFAs). Their role is to group, train, sensitize and build the capacity of (unorganised smallholder) cocoa farmers.

Our Community Field Agents (CFAs) are local’s in the cocoa communities they are responsible to, group, sensitize, and build farmers capacity and to organise workshop to educate farmers on how to manage their  farms as a business. This will help to professionalised cocoa farming, and empower farmers particularly the smallholders and make cocoa farming attractive to the youths.