Our Approach

Skills & Capacity Transfer
Facilitating Entrepreneurship
Continuously Monitor​

Our approach is design to empower cocoa farmers and ensure lasting cocoa sustainability in Cameroon.

We mobilize, educate, equip and empower cocoa farmers in Cameroon, to become sustainable cocoa entrepreneurs. FCA works in cocoa growing regions to change the mind-sets of cocoa farmers and to encourage youths to embrace cocoa farming as a profession and to become the next generation cocoa entrepreneurs.

We identify farmers needs and concerns of cocoa communities, and design strategies through projects to provide sustainable solutions. We engage with local community leaders, farmers base community groups, government and private sector partners to work together to secure cocoa sustainability.

We leverage government policies and schemes to include farmers and to achieve scalability for cocoa farmers, so they can fully meaningfully participate in sustainability activities and are able to find spaces to realizing their potential as cocoa entrepreneurs.

Cocoa sustainability is possible only when cocoa farmers can grow and manage their cocoa farms as a business. We are determined and committed to promote cocoa sustainability in Cameroon.

We work directly with cocoa farmers and chocolate businesses to facilitate the realization of the Dutch, 2030, cocoa sector promise (Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa) documen, base on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Entrepreneurship is key to achieving a cocoa sustainability. We are determined to be helping cocoa farmers obtain the capacity to become cocoa entrepreneurs.

We work with all cocoa farmers including individuals (smallholders), organized groups, cooperatives and local trading companies to train and give cocoa farmers in Cameroon, we work the tools and skills to be cocoa entrepreneurs.

Under EU law consumers have right to know where their chocolate come from. Because suppliers are responsible for their product, traceability is incredibly important.

We commit to the following traceability values: increase product visibility, quality control and reduction of product risk.

Income is central focus to our work. Therefore, we are committed to make sure all the farmers in our program gets a fair income from their crop. We believe farmers income can significantly increase by bridging the gap.

This is why we work with farmers and create direct market access to sell their crop and earn a fair income.

We help farmers, traders and chocolate companies fulfill their commitments to be Deforestation-Free supply chain. We implement OECD standard. We train farmers to:

Protect and not destroying natural ecosystems, such as tress and vegetation in farms;
Maintain and restore of loss tress and vegetation on farms;
Implement of agroforestry farming systems.

Solutions by text doesn’t provide advancement. We provide businesses including: cocoa farmers, bean traders, chocolate makers, and manufacturers with the opportunity to become successful in their respective bossiness. By combining our unique solutions into implementation.