How can we make cocoa sustainability the norm?

Learn How Farmgate Cocoa Alliance accelerate change on the ground through, impact generated activities. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance bring together relevant stakeholders in the cocoa sector to work together to accelerate real change on the ground in growing communities. We believe that, there is great opportunity for its members and partner to drive a collective movement to make sustainable cocoa bean and chocolate the norm.

We join forces to execute our 4 pillar strategy seen below through encouraging smart growth of sustainable cocoa in all our aspects by taking into account: poverty alleviation, deforestation, climate change. Continue developing high-quality living standards for farmers, their families, increase productivity and sharing best practices across cocoa growing communities. 


The National Cocoa Working Group (NCWG) is design to bring various stakeholders together to work with a common agenda in the sector. Members of  the NCWG, will comprise Farmers, Governments, Traders, Industry and NGOs, making it possible to align sustainability initiatives.

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We bring stakeholders together to create enabling environment to make cocoa sustainable by:

  • Grouping unorganized Farmers
  • Training and Sensitization
  • Capacity Building

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Monitoring of activities is essential to achieving our objectives. Therefore, we will put in place a robust independent monitoring platform. This will include relevant stakeholders operating on the ground such as: farmers, traders, government, Ngo’s and chocolate industries.

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Effective and Long-team cocoa sustainability depends on a reliable real-time database. We work with our members and partner to establish a real-time collective database platform to collect and evaluate important data from cocoa farmers, farms, community and ongoing sustainability initiatives.

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