Farmgate Cocoa Alliance provides this platform to bring together relevant stakeholders in the value chain to collaborate and work towards realizing effective changes in the cocoa sector. FCA facilitate the developing and implementing a common agenda and pooling of resources to bring understanding, transparency and accountability in the sector. Based on our Three Pillars of Action, we have identified six Steps to comprehend an inclusive and lasting Sustainable Cocoa Sector. In addition to the Three Pillars, we have also provide a working basis on how to sustainably implement these activities. Below you will learn more about our six steps to sustainability:

Step 1: Set up of NCP & NCWG
The NCP (National Cocoa Platform) and NCWG (National Cocoa Working Group) will comprise various stakeholders whereby a common agenda will be set to implement farmer-level and administrative activities. These platforms will comprise Farmers, Governments, Traders, Industry, CSOs & NGOs.

Step 2: Grouping unorganized Farmer
Using Farmgate Cocoa Alliance Community Field Agents (who trained locals) to group and register the unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers. Simultaneously, key data about these farmers and their production will be collected to secure a traceable, sustainable cocoa bean and improves living standards.

Step 3: Provision of Training
After the grouping and registration, CFA’s will continue with training activities, each CFA will be responsible for the training and supervision of not lesser than 50 farmers in a group. Farmers will also be train on how to manage a professionalize cocoa farming businesses.

Step 4: Capacity Building
Other activities will include farmer capacity building on GAPs, provide them with key training and education whereby they can become independent entrepreneurs with skills to effectively tackled issues like, climate change,  child and force labour, gender inequality and deforestation.

Step 5: Development Real-time Database
To develop a real-time database that includes key data from farmers, farms, family and community that which be shared among members of the Farmgate Cocoa Alliance and other value chain partners.

Step 6: Monitoring
Put in place at cocoa growing communities monitoring team which will include Farmgate Cocoa Alliance Community Field Agents (CFAs), National Supervisory Team (NST) and partners to oversee all activities on the ground. In addition, CFAs will liaise with this team to provide direct input about ongoing activities in cocoa communities.