What’s the Value?

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance is committed in working together with you to enhance a cocoa value chain that is stable and responsible through combining our experience and resources to support sustainability activities in cocoa.

We facilitates the implementation of ambitious projects and other activities that create a mutually beneficial environment for cocoa farmers, bean traders, retailers, chocolate manufactures and end consumers. Together with you we will be able to realize a cocoa value chain that is transparent, accountable and profitable.

  • Access to training on GAPs, business skills and advocacy
  • Value chain stabilization from bottom to top
  • Mitigation of social issues occurring at farmer level
  • Mitigation of climate change impact on cocoa sector and economic activity 
  • Facilitation of direct market access for transparent cocoa transactions
  • Linking to national platforms for policy and collaboration
  • Access to financial services for farm improvements
  • Access to training in mitigation of climate change impact on cocoa yields 
  • Development of accountable value chain 
  • Integration of transparent business
  • Definition of stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Direct impact at farmer level and upwards through chain
  • Build capacity on how to mitigate climate change impact
  • Zero deforestation in farm use for cocoa farming
  • Direct purchasing access to cocoa producers
  • Guaranteed traceable cocoa supply 
  • Reputable sustainable sourcing opportunities 
  • Stakeholder collaboration opportunities
  • Verified cocoa transactions for efficient taxation
  • Improve social livelihoods in cocoa communities.