95% of cocoa is produced by smallholder farmers who often rely on the little income that their cocoa provides to support themselves and their family. Ultimately, this results in the continuation of the poverty cycle and implementation of malpractices such as child labour and deforestation on cocoa farms. Therefore, it is key to ensure that cocoa farming can be a stable and decent source of income for farmers to improve socio-economic development and break poverty cycle in cocoa communities.

FCA is undertaking activities to professionalise cocoa farming that will lead to a sustainable income for farmers. Such activities will have direct impact on farm level by providing farmers with a secure and fair means to grow and sell their cocoa beans. A direct business transaction between farmers and industry will result in fair and transparent business practice.

Registration of farm at the chamber of commerce, will provide farmer the chance to effectively manage a sustainable cocoa business as an entrepreneur. This will also enable them have access to loan, pension and pave the way to a direct market for thier crop as anyother entrepreneurs from other sectors.