We are committed to empowering cocoa farmers, particularly smallholders, by providing training, input access, market access and linkages to the rest of the value chain. By facilitating these linkages, we can secure a sustainable cocoa sector for all stakeholders on a global level. Through, developing and implementing GAPs training at farm farmer level particularly among smallholders, we are building a  strong and independent professional cocoa farming where farmers are capable and committed to grow sustainable cocoa crop by themselves.

These will go along way to improve their social and economic capacity and pave the way for the respect of human rights and protection for environmental particularly among rural smallholders farmers. We are committed to promoting a sustainable cocoa value chain, in which in our view most begin at the bottom of supply, which as a result we are directly implementing  needed steps at farm and farmer level in the communities in West and Central Africa, we are working to the upper supply chain to realized positive impact at all levels.

Industry Sustainability commitments

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