About 95% of global cocoa production is produced by smallholder farmers. They mostly farm on small pieces of land with an annual yield from few kilos to ton(s). Smallholder farmer’s income is far below minimum wage and/or living wage.

They can only produce their crop unsustainably as they do not have access to training or other interventions to help the grow sustainably, hence they usually sell their crop through a door to door approach which does not guarantee them a fair price.

Major players in the industry are investing in diverse projects to realise responsible sourcing of raw product. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance, through its activities promotes sustainability in the value chain from farm to consumption.

With the implementation of our protects we will be able to increase yield and quality of traceable sustainable cocoa bean.

We will also grouped and train about 85% of the present unorganized smallholder farmers and introduce million young men and women in cocoa communities into a professionalize cocoa farming which will also improve standards of living.