Group Smallholder Farmers

Aiming to identify unorganised smallholder cocoa farmers into groups of approx. 5.000 farmers, so they can be trained in sustainable cocoa production. Click for more information.

Next Generation Farmers

Focusing on women and young people in cocoa by identifying and recruiting interested individuals to professionalize the sector. Click for more information

Encourage Women in Cocoa

Aiming to encourage, promote and support efforts for women to independently own and run farms. Click for more information.

Develop Real-Time Database

Platform is developed by using the data gathered from the Grouping Farmers project and those participating in the Next Generation projects

Service Providers 

Recruiting and training young men and women to assist and provide farm services for the ageing generation in their communities. Farm service will include: GAPs, inputs and sustainability measures.

Sensitize on Climate Change

Climate change and deforestation are serious problems at farmer level as both contribute to to major environment and livelihood damage in cocoa communities We train farmers in how to mitigate these risks.