Smallholder cocoa farmers, particularly in west and central Africa, are facing challenges in their profession as cocoa entrepreneur, some examples of these challenges are: low income, climate change, deforestation, no bargaining power, no access to financial assistance, lack of farm inputs, and better farming tools. The main reason for their everyday challenges is as a result that they are not organized. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) wants to help group unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers, so they will be able to address their challenges, and have the opportunity to improve their living standards, and can contribute in building a more inclusive, traceable and sustainable cocoa sector.

How we group the smallholders?
With our well-trained team at national level, we have trained young men and women as Community Field Agents (CFAs). The CFAs are local resident in the community they are responsible, to group and train the unorganized smallholder farmers.

This will also help to upgrade their farming skills on GAP and to manage their cocoa farm as a business. Grouping will identify two categories of unorganized smallholder farmers: Category 1 are farmers who produce not lesser than a tonne. Category 2 are farmers who produce lesser than a tonne.