Our strategy plan aims to professionalized cocoa farming business particularly small-scale, which will contribute to bring positive and lasting change across the cocoa value chain. Therefore, we work directly with farmers in West and central Africa to implement steps that bring impact to the lives of millions men and women, as they will able to overcome their challenges and secure a better livelihoods.

Though farmers situation vary however, the challenges the face in their business are common ranging from: low income, lack of raining, tools and inputs and zero access to finance. Climate change and deforestation and lack of direct market access only increase their vulnerability. We work with all stakeholders who share the value of self-reliance and the ability to do it by yourself in order to support activities that empower farmers, so they have the capacity to sustain the industry.

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance collaborate with partners to provide training to farmers, so they acquire the expertise they need to grow their cocoa crop in the most appropriate and profitable way.

These will give farmers the capacity and knowledge to prevent pests/decease from destroying their crop through, the implementation of GAPs and the provision of -quality inputs/tools they need, such as: hybrid seed and fertilizers and warehouses to store their cocoa crop.

Farming Practice
Effective and safe farming techniques are key to driving up your production capacity in cocoa farming. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance will make sure farmers make the most efficient use of their farming land mainly the smallholders as they naturally have small arras of land.

Climate change and widespread deforestation are threatening livelihoods in cocoa growing communities practically in West and Central Africa.We will work with farmers to train them on how they can manage to conserve their limited resources to protect their crop. Together with our local CFA team, farmers will learn how to unlock their potential to make conservation profitable for the shot and long term.

We work directly with farmers to strengthen them and their farming business at national and international level in the cocoa value chain and facilitate transparency and traceability from farm to consumer plate. We also train and build smallholders farmers capacity to ensure that they can implement steps that meet consumer demand and at the same time protect their interest.