Accomplishing A Collective Sustainability Targets Quicker

FCA partners are not only transforming the future of the cocoa producers but for the better of the world, they are also changing the way they have been doing business. Collaborative their action on issues facing the producers, sustainability, and the sector at large.

Together, we obtain positive benefit by overcoming individual risk, and combined our strength and make it possible for the sharing and dispersal sensible data for broad impact.

Why Should You Join?

Many cocoa, coffee or chocolate business do fail to deliver as they expect to when sourcing raw materials. Farmers empowerment is key to deliver markets and consumer demand such as crop quality and quantity.

We hep you archive your expectation, and thus make it easy for you to manage a successful sustainable business. As a member you will contribute to  cocoa sector more inclusive, fair, and sustainable.

Alliance Benefits

  • Strengthen your pledge for sustainability, human rights and environmental issues.
  • Have access to FCA data platform of field actions including past and current activities.
  • Reduce individual costs, as cost are being shared by members.
  • Collaborating opportunities to avoid duplication, inefficiencies and create greater impact.
  • Play leadership role in sector priorities to develop sector common sustainability learning.
  • Participate to shape national cocoa policy, through our local structure, members, and collaborators in producing countries.
  • Strengthen and improve understanding with other alliance members and partners.
  • Be part of a bigger movement to achieve SDGs in producing levels.
  • Have access to FCA’s global cocoa real-time database platform, which will require separate application.
  • Contribute to greater impact at farm level activities.
    Attend FCA’s Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC), and learning workshops.

You will also contribute to change the way things are currently implemented in the sector, particularly at the begin of supply chain.