Our Work

Why Choose Us?

We assemble, educate, equip, empower cocoa farmers in Cameroon, so they attain needed knowledge  and skills to grow sustainable cocoa crop.

We provide training to cocoa farmers including smallholders, organized groups, cooperatives in Cameroon, to be business oriented.

We link farmers we work with directly to market, ensuring fair income & real-time database driven cocoa beans traceability, from farm to bar.

We and our partners recognize that actions are as important as how we do business. Together we have a responsibility to our environment, business and the communities in which we operate and understand that to achieve success in the long term, cocoa economic growth, we must be sustainable.

We work directly with cocoa farmers to facilitate the realization of the Dutch, 2030, cocoa sector promise (Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa) document. We implement the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

We minimize our impact on the environment and contribute through our doings in reducing carbon impact in cocoa farming business in Cameroon.