Cocoa Farmers Autonomy

Cocoa farming is not considered a profession, farmers are considered as workers by producing governments, companies, NGO’s and CSO;s as farmers are treated as beggars who require help from them. We at FCA believe farmers do not need or require help from any one, as they are just normal business men and women who grow cocoa crop.

With this campaign, FCA wants to change this perspective and business as usual for cocoa farming to be recognize as a profession by all stakeholders including cocoa producing governments. We invite you to join and support this campaign to empower farmers so they have the capacity to independently manage their farming business by themselves.

Climate Change and Deforestation

Climate change and deforestation are both major threat to cocoa farmers, cocoa farming profession and cocoa growing communities, which as a result helps increase the already vulnerable situation for farmers.

With this campaign we want to sensitize and train cocoa farmers especially smallholder farmers on climate smart farming and how to minimize impact, so they can grow and manage their cocoa farming business in a sustainable way. Additionally, farmers will also be train, supported to increase yields of cocoa crop to earn enough income with zero deforestation. Read More…

Women in Cocoa (Gender Equality)

Women are already working hard in cocoa farms to support their spouses or as farm workers, to earn income and support their family. Women are not allowed or have the support to own farms because of tradition and lack access to finance to invest to start cocoa farm.

Holding back efforts to build women capacity, in this case to become professional cocoa farmers, automatically means women will not be able to be independent, theretofore, with this campaign we aim to raise awareness to create the choice for women to be supported to own cocoa farmers and become empowered. Similarly, We encourage young talented women in cocoa growing communities into a professionalized cocoa farming to secure a better future. Read More…