The purpose of this project is to group, train and build the capacity of one million unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers ,in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon. These will empower and improve their living standards and also increase yields of sustainable, and traceable cocoa beans. Together smallholdes cocoa farmers are accounted for about 98% of global cocoa bean production.

Grouping will used to identify three categories of unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers. The grouping activities will be done by FCA trained Community Field Agents (CFA), they are responsible for the grouping of the unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers.

Next to the grouping, we also provide GAPs training, and capacity building to enable them obtain the skills and knowledge needed to manage a successful farming business. CFA’s will continue to play a significant role in the farmers groups, such as: monitoring, data collection and to make sure groups comply with the rules.

Category 1
Category -1- farmers are farmers whose farm produce not lesser than 2 tons and with the potential to increase yields on the same farm if provided with the necessary training and support. Such farmer is considered a cocoa entrepreneur, and is eligible to fully benefit from the grouping purpose.

Category 2 
Category-2- farmers are farmer whose farm can produce not lesser than a ton, and with the potential to increase yields using the same piece of land if being train and supported. Such farmers will be considered as a cocoa entrepreneur.

This farmer will benefits from this project, as the farmer will be necessary support to become sustainable producer.

Category 3 
Category-3-farmers are farmers whom farms can only produce few kilo’s and there is no potential to increase yields at the same piece of land, even if being supported.

Such farmers will not be considered as cocoa entrepreneurs, and will be advise to switch to alternative farming profession like cassava, yam and plantain and or to sell their farm to a lager producer.