A Unique Bottom Up Approach to Attain a Balance, Fairer and Prosperous Sustainable Cocoa Sector.

In order to overcome the challenges in the sector, now is the time to join ideas and work with a common approach to address sector challenges. Our Alliance is built by separate stakeholders who want to see swift movement in the sector toward the implementation of workable solutions, which is what that brings us together.

FCA draws from a range of disciplines, practices, and forward-thinking enabling approaches to help farmers, companies and those who need our knowhow to achieve meaningful breakthroughs in their supply chain. Our goal is to efficiently contribute through our activities in order to help move the cocoa industry toward social, environmental and economic sustainability and make cocoa farming an attractive business sector.

FCA’s Bottom Up Approach is based on solving grass root issues, using our grass root know-how to identify, develop and  implement human rights, environmental and sustainability solutions on cocoa farmer, farm and build strong farming community.

We group and train unorganised smallholders, build their  capacity and directly link them to industry partners to buy their crop. These approach is not only design to bring lasting positive change in the sector, but also to create the opportunities to transmit even greater impact in the lives of farmers and sustain the cocoa industry.

Approach will also significantly contribute on the fight against poverty, child labour climate change, deforestation, bring transparency and accountability in the sector.

We monitor ongoing and past sustainability activities and crop circulation of produced cocoa crop, sales, and exportation in our supply chain, in order to increase improve traceability, transparency and accountability on production, sales and exports of cocoa beans.