Through the years our team are actively engage on the ground in cocoa communities in west, and central Africa, to identify farmers and sustainability challenges and to find a lasting solution to address them. Farmers, government and local community leaders had the oppertunity to share their views on the challenges and suggestions for solutions. Results were use to develop our Bottom Up Poll. The outcome of the Poll were use to initiate our 2030 Cocoa Vision Bottom Up Roadmap.

We work together with stakeholders, who value our team-driven approach to enhancing a long-term sustainable cocoa sector that benefit famers, industry and the environment. By uniting our efforts we will be able to achieve our shared sustainability responsability in the sector that deliver greater impact.

We believe that this approach is an effective way of creating real and lasting impact, that satisfies the needs of all stakeholders from farmers to consumers and making cocoa an exemplary sector in sustainability development.