At Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA), we inspire, engage, and bring together relevant stakeholders who also acknowledges that, social, and economic empowerment as crucial component to secure a fair and balance sustainable cocoa sector.

Together with our partners we are well positioned to shape the path, towards a strong inclusive, traceable, flourishing and sustainable cocoa sector.

These will ensure long-term sector benefit on people, business and the environment.

In order to overcome cocoa sector challenges, now is the time to join forces and work together based on a common approach. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance, is built by separate stakeholders who are committed to see swift impact in the cocoa sector, through the implementation of workable sustainability solutions. We introduce best practices, and implement forward-thinking enabling approaches to help farmers, companies and others, who need our knowhow to achieve meaningful breakthroughs in their supply chain.

Our approach is based on bottom up solutions, focused on solving root causes of sector challenges, using our grass root know-how, to identify, develop and  implement activities on human rights, environmental and sustainability.

We exist to deliver solutions to the challenges affecting farmers, farming community and cocoa sustainability in order to move the industry towards social, environmental and economic stability, so cocoa farming business is attractive again for current, and future generations.

Our approach will significantly, and effectively contribute to the fight against poverty, child labour climate change, deforestation, and will make the cocoa sector, more transparent, and accountable.

  • We identify, group, train and build the capacity of the unorganised smallholders cocoa farmers.
  • We link the grouped and sustainably trained smallholders, to directly sell their cocoa beans to traders and chocolate companies.  
  • We monitor the grouped smoulders and other ongoing sustainability activities in order to improve traceability and transparency of production and sale of cocoa beans.