Membership is open for farmer umbrella organizations, cooperatives, trade union, NGO’s, civil society and consumer organizations from the north and south who are committed to support implementation of our 2030 vision, seeks to professionalize (smallholder) cocoa farmers, bring transparency and accountability in the sector. Membership provide you opportunity to connect with others who share the value of a sustainable cocoa sector.

Applicant for membership must meet all criteria and requirements to become a member to the Farmgate Cocoa Alliance. The Secretariat receive and reviews applications for membership.We reserve the right not to accept an application.

In addition to the basic responsibilities, Farmgate Cocoa Alliance members are also invited to commit to the following:

  • Participate in and contribute to Board Meetings, reviews of activities, discussions about future plan, and other alliance activities
  • Engage to develop joint advocacy and lobby activities
  • Participate in and contribute to working groups of the alliance
  • Share information and good practices with the alliance
  • Raise awareness about the alliance and help recruit potential new members
  • Encourage and search for outside donors for the alliance
  • Participate to raise funds to develop and implement projects

As a member of Farmgate Cocoa Alliance you are responsible to

  • Fully adhere to the statutes, policies and rules of the Farmgate Cocoa Alliance
  • Pay annual membership fee each year in advance
  • Attend all Board Meeting of the alliance
  • Ensure allocation of time/human resources to the alliance
  • Contribute for the development of the strategic future activities
  • Inform Farmgate Cocoa Alliance Secretariat of any changes in your organisation, including a new contact person, name, change of statutes, vision or mission of your organization
  • Inform the Secretariat of their separate work with a strategic partners that might be overlapping or conflicting with our alliance common values
  • Access to training and capacity building activities
  • Exclusive opportunity to have a direct buyer for you cocoa bean
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Opportunity to have advance farming tools
  • Access to have improve planting materials to improve your cocoa sustainability performance and increase yield
  • Opportunity to attend and participate at the Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC)
  • Free ticket and a high chance to have your travel and accommodation taking care of to attend the Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC)
  • Chance to be nominated and voted to be an Executive Board Member
  • Possibility to be appointed, and or invited to join FCA Advisory Board
  • Your voice is listed to in your country and also at the international level sustainability in the development and implementation of cocoa policy
  • Participate in joint activities, events, advocacy and lobby to leverage your and shared objectives
  • Participate in the network’s thematic working groups or initiate a working group on your thematic priority
  • Benefit from capacity building activities of the alliance, learn from others and share your expertise with members
  • Receive information about our work on the ground such as: farmer, farm and consumer-related issues
  • Updates on implementation and minitoring activities on climate change, deforestation and other developments
  • Promote your organisation’s work to a global audience including your logo display on our website
  • Network, share and exchange knowledge and experience within the alliance
  • Enlarge your personal and professional networks in the cocoa sector worldwide

After completing the form, kindly send it to us through this e-mail address: . We will get back to you within five working days after receiving the application form.