Partnering with us, bring added value to you and make way for equality, transparency, sustainability and progress for all.

Our partners are proud because their contribution influence real change in lives, communities and protect nature. we work to strengthen and empower farmers, farm workers and to eradicate all forms of unsustainable practices in cocoa farms

Our work will connect you to local networks of expertise in involve in our activities. Our exposure go beyond country boundaries, enabling our partners to bring their activities deep in cocoa communities and project international level.

  1. Work with farmers We work with farmers because real change in the sector depend on their success. We are committed to build the capacity of the farmers we work with, so they can become independent and sustainable cocoa entrepreneur.
  2. Real-time database Database is key to a successful business, as a partner you will be able to have access to our real-time database, gather from our doings on the ground. This will help you manage a sustainable business.
  3. Our success is your success Positive impact from the ground will bring trust and confidence to your business. When your clients see that your contribution is creating impact, they will stay loyal to your brand, and can become a story teller for your brand.
  4. Reach your own goals As a farmer, organization or company and you have your private sustainability program. We will help you to reach your goals by creating the atmosphere for you to efficiently and cost-reducing way with better results.
  5. Strong togetherSince FCA is a global Alliance, and have access to divers partners across the cocoa sector, gives you the opportunity to build reliable and long lasting network with other partners other Alliance and many others in the supply chain.

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Who can be a partner?
Partnership is open for all stakeholders in cocoa sector, such as: chocolate manufacturers, traders, farmer organizations, retailers,  NGO’s, CSO’s and worker unions.