Why should you become a partner to Farmgate Cocoa Alliance. We Provide a New Approach Partnership which will make it possible be for you to become an example to others, as together we will bring change particularly  at farmer and farm level that will improve lives.

As the cocoa sector only Bottom Up global non-profit body, Farmgate Cocoa Alliance is your unique partner to work with, in order to secure a safe, healthy and sustainable cocoa farming business, as we work directly with cocoa farmers.

The Secretariat receive and reviews applications for partnership.
Partnership applicant must meet our criteria and requirements to become a partner. We reserves the right not to accept and or not to accept an application form download partnership form  

Our team will get back to you within days after receiving your partnership application form. 

Partner Benefits

As a partner to the FCA, you are not only changing the future of the global cocoa economy for the better, you are also changing the way activities are being done currently in the cocoa sector for the better of everyone.

As a partner, you will enjoy a range of benefits that empower you and cut down costs, you will be able to make smart investments and fair business decisions than when doing alone.

  • Involve in collective discussion with other members from the public and private sectors
  • Participate in a superior way at farm and farmer level by aligned programs to archive collective impact
  • Prospects to display your sustainability ambition to other sector partners at national and international levels
  • World-wide working network to combine creativities on projects and best farming tools
  • Prospects to display your sustainability achievements with others in producing and consuming spectators
  • Have full and free access to our collective training materials and inputs tactics that improve sustainability performance and increase yield
  • Free tickets to attend our annual Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC), ticket number is based on the size of member
  • Promote and Improve the effectiveness of individual sustainability programs
  • Have first-hand information and access past and ongoing field level projects
  • Promote and contribute, as part of a bigger movement, to achieving the SDGs
  • Special Travel and Accommodation cost to attend the Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC) annual conference, through FCA invitation
  • Opportunity to decide, nominate, and to vote Executive Board Members
  • Opportunity to be invited to join the Advisory Board
  • Chance to have your logo use on FCA print materials including online publications
  • Access to all FCA sustainability initiatives
  • Opportunity to engage and propose your ideas to be use in FCA negotiation with governments in national and international cocoa policy
  • Possibility to attain an Invitation to attend only farmers oriented shared activities
  • Receive first-hand insight on the activities of the FCA activities at producing and consuming countries
  • Access to FCA reports, survey and monitoring activities based on farmers, sustainability, human and environmental data and performance