Fine-flavor cocoa farming is a growing market for the future, with increased consumer demand for fine-flavor cocoa bean and end products. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance is promoting and building fine-flavor cocoa production in west and central Africa, through encouraging farmers to plant fine-flavor cocoa trees.

FCA work with it team of expect to provide training and other needed services to facilitate the growing of fine-flavor cocoa production in the following three countries, (Ghana, Ivory Cocoa and Cameroon). We will begin implementing this in Cameroon, through a pilot project as Cameroon, has the potential to grow fine-flavor. It will be replicated in the other two countries and can extend more countries in the regions.

Our experience team of two fine-flavor veterans are responsible for the training of young talented locals will further continue training cocoa farmers across cocoa growing communities in west and central Africa, both exiting and new comers to embrace fine-flavor cocoa farming as a business.

FCA offer’s comprehensive services to the youth of Africa, to become fine-flavor cocoa farmers. This will go along way in creating needed employment among young people, improve living standards and sustain the industry.

With our experienced team from the Caribbean Community and Latin America, we have the capacity to and knowledge regarding fine-flavor cocoa farming. 

Our Fine-Flavor Trainers


Sarmiento jorge (Left) and Hugh Johnson (Right) they are responsible
to training young talented locals who will then further continue training
current and next generation fine-flavor farmers in west and central Africa.               

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