Through our committed members and partners, Farmgate Cocoa Alliance is able to facilitate these linkages between cocoa buyers and cocoa farmers, resulting in efficient, transparent and sustainable transaction conditions. At Farmgate Cocoa Alliance we are committed to linking farmers with traders.

We believe that the best way to ensure a transparent, accountable and responsible value chain is to allow farmers to sell their produce directly to buyers from industry, whilst these industry stakeholders are able to source their cocoa sustainably and responsibly to ensure that high quality cocoa is traded at a fair price.

Such transactions have direct impact at farmer level by providing farmers with a secure and fair means to sell their cocoa beans. Direct transactions between farmers and industry result in fair prices, transparent sales and increased farmer income. This in turn results in higher farmer living standards, reduced child/forced labour risks and potential for farmers to reinvest in their farms. In addition, increased incomes in farming communities result in better social stability and prosperity for even remote farmers and their families. 

As for cocoa buyers, in particular the chocolate industry, direct sourcing access for cocoa is a unique opportunity in terms of traceability, supply stability and reputational benefits. Buyers will be able to source directly from farmers, resulting in a refined value chain and transparent transaction, whereby key traceability data can be collected, as well as strong sourcing relationships made to further stabilise cocoa supply. By committing to this transparent sourcing, there are also strong reputational benefits at retail and consumer level, whereby there is increased demand for truly responsible and sustainable cocoa products.