The United Nations adopted a series of Global Sustainable Development Goals. These global goals set out a 15-year development agenda to mobilize efforts to end all forms of human rights violation, poverty, reduce inequality and tackle climate change. In formulating these SDGs, the U.N. recognized the role of the diverse private and public sectors, extending from smallholder-enterprises and cooperatives to multinationals. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance bottom up 2030 cocoa sustainability Roadmap is in align with the U.N. SDGs. We are committed in promote and implement these Goals throughout our supply chain.

Dutch Cocoa Pledge
In 2010, the Dutch pledge with the rest of the cocoa and chocolate industry to make sure that every cocoa related product that is produced for the Dutch market must be sustainable’ by 2025.
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Swiss Sustainable Pledge
Government, chocolate companies have agreed on the goal that by 2025, at least 80 percent of the cocoa-containing products imported to Switzerland should be sustainable produced
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Cargill Cocoa Promise
Cargill Cocoa Promise “we believe that improving the lives of cocoa farmers goes hand-in-hand with our business success”.Cargill Cocoa Promise: aimed at securing a thriving cocoa sector Learn more

Barry Callebaut
Barry Callebaut launches comprehensive sustainability strategy that addresses key sustainability challenges in the chocolate supply chain. Barry Callebaut aims to make chocolate.Learn more

Nestlé Cocoa pledge 
Nestlé Cocoa Plan aims to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their products. Learn more about Nestlé Cocoa Plan: Better Trees-Better Farming, Better Farmer Income Learn more