To date cocoa farmers mainly the smallholders are still struggling to survive as they are confronted with multiple challenges in their profession since cocoa farming is not considered a business in the sector. Stakeholders including governments, chocolate companies, NGOs and CSOs, all playing farmers role.

We believes a strong and sustainable cocoa value chain depends on the strength and success of cocoa farmers. It is therefore significantly vital for farmers to have the opportunity to independently manage their cocoa farming business and play their deserved role alongside other relevant stakeholders.

Cocoa farmers particularly in west and central Africa, continues to face challenges that have hindered their capacity to spur economic growth, prominent among these are low income, lack of bargaining power, pressure on climate change impacts, lack of direct market opportunity and deforestation.

These coupled with bad infrastructure, weak representation at national and international level, zero involvement in research, poor access to innovative farming skills, low productivity, lack of money to reinvest in farm, and unfair cocoa policy at national and international levels.


Grouped Farmers are advice to register a business to professionalize their cocoa farming and become cocoa entrepreneurs. 

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Account will enables fair transactions with client, financial savings, access to bank statements, pension and access to finance & loan.

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Transparent business transactions between producer & buyer payable via bank accounts to secure better business earn fair income.

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Farmers will be able to manage a successful business, pay tax, contributing to the development of their communities and countries.

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