There is a strong need to secure an inclusive, transparent and a sustainable cocoa sector, as major stakeholders realised they can’t continue with business as usual. They agree it is time to come together and to address the challenges facing the sector, using new approaches. We believe the cocoa sector can’t be sustainable as long as farmers are not recognized as a major stakeholder and have the opportunity to play their deserve role at all level in the sector. As a result In 2010 the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) created the International Cocoa Agreement aim at making the cocoa sector inclusive, effective and sustainable. The ICCO also launch the World Cocoa Conference WCC to bring together all stakeholders to commit and respect their signatories of the (ICA).

 Since then there has been four World Cocoa Conferences (WCC) with four declarations, unfortunately the sector is unable to implement the declarations of the WCC. Cocoa Farmers and farm workers being largely excluded in the activities of the sector, despite their important contribution which drive the value chain. Issues such as, chronic poverty, climate change and deforestation, and are not involved in the planning and implementation of sector sustainability activities. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is establish to promote farmers inclusion in sector activities which includes, the planning and implementation of sector initiatives.