Call to Action

There is strong need for an inclusive, transparent and sustainable cocoa sector, stakeholders have realised they can’t continue with business as usual and it is time to come together to address the challenges facing the sector, using new approaches. The cocoa sector can’t be sustainable as long as cocoa farmers are not recognized as a partner and given the opportunity to play a deserve role at all level in the sector. In 2010 the International Cocoa Agreement, was develop, and signed by major stakeholders including governments. 

As a result, the World Cocoa Conference was launch in 2012, by the ICCO, to make sure signatories of the (ICA) implement their commitment. there has been four World Cocoa Conferences and four declarations, unfortunately the sector has not successfully implemented one declarations. Cocoa Farmers and farm workers being the most affected in the cocoa sector, as 99% of the challenges affect them and their families directly are still not able to have their voice as part of the value chain.

A sustainable cocoa sector is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders, and we should work together to achieve this ambitious goal. Areas should be identified for increased non-competitive collaboration, at national and international level, avoiding a proliferation of efforts that lack coordination.

Our main concern from the Berlin Declaration is to push all stakeholders to sets out the values and objectives were stakeholders should be working towards, the (Recognition of Cocoa Farming as a Business) as well as the recommendations for an immediate and swift actions to be taken by all stakeholders.

Download full version of Berlin Declaration this declaration is a positive step forwards in ensuring that the value chain is balanced, transparent and ensure the active inclusion of farmers in the development of the sector.

Declaration offers a strong reflection of Farmgate Cocoa Alliance values and objectives, stimulating the professionalization of cocoa farming as a business and secure cocoa sustainability now and the future.

Our Call to Action are for stakeholder to:

  • actively and effectively implementation of the Berlin Declaration at all level in the value chain
  • establishment of transparent national structures in producing country to define role and bring accountability
  • group unorganized smallholders cocoa farmers, so they can become sustainable farmers.
  • push national government of cocoa producing countries to collaborate with farmers and facilitate better livelihoods
  • ensure that cocoa farming does not contribute to deforestation or environmental degradation, but to protect nature.
  • promote collaboration between governments, farmers and other relevant value chain stakeholders.