Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) has designed a Roadmap in order to initiate reforms in the cocoa sector particularly at the bottom of value chain. Roadmap contain two structures (NCWG and NCP) to be establish in cocoa producing countries and the implementation of major sustainability projects.

Structures clearly define stakeholders role and responsibility, in order to bring transparency and ensure accountability in the sector, facilitating the flow of traceable and sustainable cocoa and secure a better livelihoods for farmers and their family.

To achieve this, we will build partnership with divers stakeholders from the private and public sectors in the value chain such as: governments, cocoa farmers, consumers / retailers organizations, trade unions, NGOs and chocolate companies (large and small).

Sustainability Projects
Grouping the Unorganized Cocoa Farmers and Building the Next Generation Cocoa Farmers.

National Cocoa Working Group (NCWG):
Comprising Farmers, Government, Chocolate Companies/intentional cocoa beans traders, NGO’s and Civil Society Organizations to collaborate on implementing sustainability activities, purchasing, exporting, and improved farming practices.

National Cocoa Platform (NCP):
Comprising Cocoa Producing Governments and Cocoa Farmers to develop a common agenda and take steps towards implementing activities at farm level. By bringing together Farmers and Governments, necessary actions can be taken both at policy and production level.