We are focused and committed to securing transparency from begin to end of the value chain, to make sure that stakeholders including, farmers, NGOs, governments, traders, industry and chocolate companies respect roles and ethics. Through, our significant team in cocoa communities, we monitor activities on the ground including: GAPs, human rights, trade practice and deforestation, to make sure actors do what they say.


To have a sustainable cocoa value chain, accountability is essential, therefore, all stakeholders in the cocoa valua chain must be accountable for their activities. We are focused to work together with all stakeholders to put in place structures in cocoa producing countries that make the sector fair and accountable. Stakeholders should be accountable for not implementing their cooperate responsibility across their supply chain.

Farmer Sovereignty

Farmers sovereignty is key to overcome poverty and improve living standards in cocoa growing communities. We advocate and collaborate with stakeholders to support and promote our direction for farmers empowerment by respecting their independence to manage their farming business by themselves. Stakeholder have to work and collaborate with farmers as equal partners to secure a sustainable cocoa sector for all.

We are committed to advancing integrity, transparency and accountability in the cocoa sector, emphasising action in the level of producing countries. By doing so, we can enhance responsiveness, strengthen individual and collective performance of partners and stakeholders, and will help secure a strong and balanced cocoa value chain in national and international contexts to bring progress in lives of farmers and grow businesses.