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COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time as the virus spreads to new places and global infections continue to rise. Cocoa farming families and specifically the smallholder cocoa faming families who where already living in chronic poverty line are facing even worsen and unbearable circumstances as a result of Covid-19.

Poverty in couple with COVID-19, cocoa farmers and their families need not just protectives materials, but also food and other support. Many children in cocoa growing communities we work in Cameroon, children can go to school because of lack of school needs.

We invite you to support our activities in order to continue our work, in sensitizing and providing lifesaving equipment to the cocoa farmers in the cocoa growing communities we work to survive. Together, we will recover, and we will build forward better. Your donation helps make this work possible.


Lasting sustainable change requires training, capacity building and support to ensure effective implementation of Good Agricultural Practice (GAPs). A focused, comprehensive approach to training and tools provision is a key component of supporting and advancing people through a lasting change, providing a deeper knowledge which can be important in mitigating against sustainability risks.

FCA Toolkit provides smallholder cocoa farmers, cooperatives, organized groups and companies with a suite of tools and skills that connects the phases to sustainable transformation.

We move theory to practice and advancing cocoa entrepreneurship through a training and capacity building. We Implement proven best practices to drive change through a focus on empowering and building strong successful business. Donate to support our work


Safeguarding the quality of our environment, nature and livelihoods. A safe, healthy environment requires the implementation of good environmental practices. We, our partners and collaborators are very committed to protecting our social and environmental responsibility in our supply chains.

FCA works hard to meet these collective responsibilities. We engage with local leaders, farmers base groups, government and private sector partners in Cameroon, to work together to protect nature in order to secure deforestation free sustainably produce cocoa beans. Donate to support our work