Comprehend a comprehensive cocoa sector, where (smallholder) cocoa farmers are independent entrepreneurs and have the knowledge, skills and capacity to effectively and sustainably manage their farms, and can sustain the industry

Deliver high quality services to (smallholder) cocoa farmers, to be leaders of their destiny, able to explore opportunities, be part of decision making that aid them attain positive impact in their lives and business, as cocoa entrepreneur

Our Objectives:

  • Advocate and lobby for implementation of sector declarations that profit farmers and cocoa communities.
  • Group unorganized smallholder cocoa farmers, and build their capacity, so they become independent entrepreneurs
  • Promote and support activities to eradicate child labour and gender inequality in cocoa farming
  • Advocate the need to define stakeholders role and responsibilities
  • Promote and encourage transparency and accountability in the sector
  • Advocate and lobby for sector reform, and implementation of better policy on human rights,  income and environment
  • Encourage and promote small-scale cocoa farming entrepreneurship
  • Raise awareness on climate change and deforestation in cocoa farming
  • Organize conference, workshops and meetings to secure long-term cocoa sustainability