We respect human dignity, by pursuing a clearly defined principles expressing our ethical attitude. These principles govern how we measure others as well as how we want to be measured. Our ethical foundation reflects to everything we do. We treat every individuals fairly and respectfully, irrespective of their origin, culture and gender.  We are convinced that inclusion is essential to social progress and can influence change leading to prosperity. We stand for continued developing project at that bring progress, constantly encourage farmers that sustainably meet demands, to benefit them and their communities.

We are committed to an inclusive,  transparent, traceable and sustainable cocoa sector, based on the foundation of fair distribution, respect for the planet and encourages better living standards for all. Our alliance philosophy is built on our IEI values, which are firmly anchored in our actions and provide us with guidance in our daily work. IEI stands for Integrity, Efficiency and Impact. Everything we do is aligned with these values.

We are committed to dialogue, transparency and collaboration in our dealings with the general public

We value fair competition and the fair treatment of all our stakeholders. Integrity is central to our values and we do not tolerate illegal activity


We stand for sustainable development and commit to doing business in an economically, ecologically and socially responsible way. We expect the same standards of our partners across the value chain.

We take our social responsibility seriously and collaborate in projects and partnerships with the scientific community and broader society. In this way we create additional benefits.

Safety and high standard is our top priority. We aim to sustain the highest standards of product, process and occupational safety

We work to ensure the safe and balance use of our natural resources and inform our partners about the benefits and risks through our activities