Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is established in 2017, as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Our goal is to promote a cocoa sector, that is inclusive, transparent, sustainable, and were cocoa farmers are recognize as entrepreneurs. FCA members are divers organizations in cocoa producing, and consuming countries.

FCA join forces with stakeholders who are also keen to see real-change in the sector, to drive a shared belief towards improving lives, protect nature, secure a long-term cocoa sustainability, and to achieve even more greater impact in the sector, to benefit people, business and nature.

With our advocacy, we bring to light relevant unseen issues in the cocoa sector, on human rights, sustainability and environment. We call for the: “FULL IMPLEMENTATION OF POINT 10 OF BERLIN, WCC4 DECLARATION“. We are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goal, and supports the 8.7 SDG,