Our ambitious journey

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is established in 2017, as the cocoa sector only bottom-up alliance, advocating farmer inclusion and sector reform. FCA’s goal is to persuade an inclusive, transparent, accountable, traceable and a sustainable cocoa sector, that benefit people, business and the environment.

Our inclusive approach, provide us with the experience in managing and executing bottom-up sustainable strategies. We do not only work directly with unorganised smallholder farmers to identify their challenges, but we also help group and organised them, and develop, implement solutions that address their challenges.  


FCA support and empower farmers to become independent entrepreneurs by grouping and encouraging them to make collective decisions that protects them, their profession and community.

FCA advocates reform of cocoa sector policies and initiatives in the areas of: trade, sustainability, environment, farmers rights, and for the recognition of cocoa farming as a business.

FCA builds the capacities of unorganised smallholder farmers, so they can sustainably manage their business and play a deserved role in sector initiatives as an important stakeholder and partner.


Our alliance approach

To achieve our goal, we bring together divers stakeholders as members and partners to combine their forces and address pertinent farmers, sustainability and environmental issues. We also make it possible for our members and partners to avoid duplication of activities, reduce cost and accomplish even greater impact.

Our strength is (our) patience, knowhow, dedicated to learn, and ability to create positive impact in the sector. Together, we can secure a fair, inclusive, transparent and a sustainable cocoa sector. 


We support farmers earn the skills, so they develop the determination to challenge themselves and be competitive. We develop realistic projects, to provide farmers the practical and theoretical knowledge, to unlock their full potential to drive economic and social change

We work with partners, to support early-stage cocoa farmers. So their cocoa farm as a business, can enable them come-out from poverty, transform their lives. We support the farmers in our network with tools, inputs, technical assistance and guidance needed to succeed for long-term.

Since establishment, we have participated in platforms including the below to promote the realization of a 100% sustainable cocoa sector by 2030:

• ICCO Consultative Board
• Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI)
• ISO/CEN Standard on Sustainable & Traceable Cocoa
• ICCO: Organizing Committee (WCC)
• Organiser of the Global Cocoa Farmers Conference