About us

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is a grass-root oriented non-profit alliance, that brings together stakeholders from the public and private sectors involved in the production and consumption of cocoa bean from the south and north , as members or partners to work together with a common agenda.

Members and partners are committed to supporting the professionalization of cocoa farming, and to attain a cocoa value chain that is inclusive, transparent, accountable, sustainable and that benefits everyone from bottom to top in the value chain.

To realize effective implementation of our activities, we collaborate and work with partners including governments, particularly those of cocoa producing countries to implement needed steps on the ground, so collectively we reach a shared responsibility to secure a long-term sustainable cocoa value chain.

Bringing together governments, farmers and other pertinent stakeholders in the chain, we will be able to promote and implement the agenda of this alliance, with all interests taken into consideration.