Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) was established in 2017, as a bottom up non-profit alliance, to advocate and lobby for reform in the cocoa sector. Our objective is to make the cocoa sector inclusive, transparent and sustainable, to benefit people, business and environment for current and future generations. We believe that, inclusive approaches are key to overcome cocoa sector challenges.

Consequently, as an alliance, we bring together divers stakeholders as members to combine their forces and address pertinent farmers, sustainability and environmental issues. We also make it possible for our members and partners to avoid duplication of activities, reduce cost and accomplish even greater impact on the ground.

Since our establishment we have been able to become part of the following platforms to promote the realization of our ambitious objectives:
• ICCO Consultative Board
• Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI)
• ISO/CEN Standard on Sustainable and Traceable Cocoa
• ICCO: Organizing Committee World Cocoa Conference (WCC)
• Organiser of Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC)

Our strength is (our) patience, knowhow, ambition to learn, and ability to create positive impact for farmers and consumers. Together, we will secure a fair, inclusive, transparent and a sustainable cocoa sector, that benefit everyone.