Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is a bottom up non-profit, registered under Dutch law as an alliance, with the goal to promote, and facilitate the realization of a 100 % sustainable cocoa sector by 2030, using bottom up approaches. As a result, FCA focus to build the enabling environment to achieve its 2030 Cocoa Vision Road-map, by bringing together major stakeholders as members and partners, to align efforts, investments, and collectively tackle hidden grassroots sustainability issues.

Members and partners of the alliance, recognized the necessity and  importance to collaborate, share costs, experience, and make cleverer investments towards an inclusive, transparent, traceable, and a sustainable cocoa sector, that benefit people, business and planet

Members and partners of FCA, comprise farmers, industry, workers union, governments and NGOs in the cocoa value chain, see the need to come together to build a professionalized, strong, independent and sustainable cocoa farming business and community.