Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) is established in 2017, to advocate and lobby for a cocoa sector that is inclusive, transparent, sustainable and that benefit farmers, business and protect our planet for the present, and future generations. We believe that an inclusive approach is key to overcome common challenges in the cocoa sector.

As a result, we bring divers stakeholders together as members and align their activities to address pertinent farmers, and sustainability challenges, and to avoid duplication of actions, reduce cost, and realize even greater impacts on the ground.

We are currently participating at the following platforms:
• ICCO Consultative Board
• Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI)
• ISO/CEN Standard on Sustainable and Traceable Cocoa
• ICCO: Organizing Committee World Cocoa Conference (WCC)
• Organiser of Global Cocoa Farmers Conference (GCFC)

Our strength is our patience, knowhow and ability to learn and create impacts at national and international level. Together we can secure an inclusive, transparent, accountable and long-term sustainable cocoa sector.