To comprehend a cocoa sector that balance and benefit everyone, the is a need to work with farmers as a partner. Therefore, Farmgate Cocoa Alliance has establish a Bottom-Up Approach Roadmap, that comprises two key elements which include: Professionalization of Cocoa Farming and the setting up of an Inclusive and Transparent Structure in producing countries. Roadmap is comprise of two major elements seen below, to be implemented to secure a balance and inclusive cocoa sector.

The first Element is aim at professionalizing small-scale cocoa farming, though, identifying, grouping and building smallholder farmers capacity, so they can independently manage their cocoa farm as a Business, second Element is to establish a Transparent and Inclusive Structure in cocoa producing countries. It will build trust and pave the way for stakeholders to work with a common agenda to address challenges, define role, responsibility and make the sector inclusive, transparent, accountable and sustainable.