FCA RoadMap

For a sustainable sector, Farmgate Cocoa Alliance proposes a RoadMap, based on a Bottom-Up Approach, that comprises four key elements to achieve a sustainable, inclusive and transparent cocoa value chain.

To achieve this, we will build partnership with diverse stakeholders from the private and public sectors in the value chain such as: governments, cocoa farmers, consumers / retailers organizations, trade unions, NGOs and chocolate companies (large and small).

Together, these four elements comprise the core strategy of Farmgate Cocoa Alliance. This will require a unified approach from stakeholders to implement real steps and policies towards sustainability through the development of a common agenda and acceptance of stakeholder roles and responsibilities.The four elements in the FCA RoadMap summary document.

1) National Structures
To coordinate unified stakeholder action in sustainability, national structures in producing countries are required, being the NCP and NCWG. The NCP (National Cocoa Platform) and NCWG (National Cocoa Working Group) will comprise various stakeholders whereby a common agenda will be set to implement farmer-level and administrative activities. The NCP will comprise governments and farmers, whilst the NCWG will include all pertinent stakeholders.

3) Enhancing Sustainability
Farmgate Cocoa Alliance believes that direct impact at farmer level must be made in sustainability initiatives to ensure that challenges are tackled at the root. Therefore, FCA proposes two major projects to be implemented on a large scale through national structures:
Grouping Unorganized Smallholder & Securing the Next Generation of Farmers

2) Professionalisation of Cocoa Farming
To ensure that farmers can earn a good living from their cocoa farming and break the poverty cycle, cocoa farming must be professionalised to create better prospects for farmers and to stimulate sustainable farming practices. The four key steps to professionalisation are:
Business Registration – Bank Accounts – Access to Market – Business Management

4) Real-time Database Development
To secure stability, traceability and transparency in the value chain from bean to bar, pertinent stakeholders must share key information that contributes to an effective and efficient flow of information and cocoa through the chain, with transparency between all stakeholders. Therefore FCA proposes an independent database, known as the Cocoa Information Platform, to facilitate this.