Stakeholders in the cocoa sector are more and more conscious that the cocoa supply chain will not be sustainable unless the unresolved issues are addressed in the nearest future. Unresolved issues such as, Chronic poverty among farmers. Climate change and deforestation are also key challenges to the sector.

Next to that, the call for inclusion, transparency and accountability is increasing its relevance, as consumers are more eager to see a sustainable cocoa value chain, and to know where and how what they consume is produced. To solve the above issues Farmgate Cocoa Alliance believes that can only when the sector is connected from bottom to top. To bridge this gap, we have created a special unite, called Community Field Agents (CFAs).

The CFAs are selected young men and women who are residents in cocoa growing communities who are trained by FCA with the tasks to build farmers capacity into cocoa entrepreneurs.

We make this achievable through the following steps:

  • Identify and Grouping Smallholder Farmers
  • Train and Build farmers Capacity on Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs) and how to Manage their Cocoa Farm as a Business
  • Sensitize farmers on Gender and Child Rights
  • Raise Awareness on Climate Change and Deforestation

Learn more about the role and responsibilities of our Community Field Agents

The CFAs are employees of FCA, their role and responsibility is to strengthen and empower cocoa farmers, and to secure a cocoa value chain that is, sustainable, traceable, and profitable for farmers, and their clients.

The CFAs are also responsible to implement and to monitor our projects on the ground to ensure smooth and effective implementation. They are also our eyes on the ground, and can also monitor third party activities and provide report to our National Secretariat.

Through this approach we make it possible for (smallholders) cocoa farmers to acquire the skills and knowledge to successfully manage their farm as a business. And who can independently defend their rights, take care for their family and contribute to the development of their community.

It is only through this ways the sector can overcome the above mentioned issues and pave the way for a brighter, balanced and sustainable cocoa future that benefit people, business and planet.