To comprehend a balance cocoa value chain that benefit everyone, the sector must be inclusive. We have developed a bottom-up Cocoa Sector 2030 Vision Roadmap, that comprise two key sustainability elements: Cocoa Farming Entrepreneurship and setting of Inclusive National Cocoa Platform in producing countries.

Element one seeks to practicalize Cocoa Farming Entrepreneurship, though, grouping and building smallholder farmers capacity, so they become sustainable cocoa entrepreneurs. Element two seeks to establish Inclusive and Transparent National Cocoa Platform to bring transperency and accountility in the sector.

The 2030 vision make it feasible for stakeholders to work with a common agenda to address sector challenges. Through, defining stakeholders role, responsibility, and the grouping of smallholders cocoa farmers the sector will addressed about 90% of its sustainability, and human rights challenges. Learn about our Priorities